Distributed Device Networks With Security Constraints

Y. Xu, R. Song, L. Korba, L. Wang, W. Shen, S. Lang
2005 IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics  
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more » ... anizational and geographical boundaries. The new requirements of portability, configurability and interoperability of distributed device networks put forward new challenges and security risks to the system's design and implementation. There are critical demands on highly secured collaborative control environments and security enhancing mechanisms for distributed device control, configuration, monitoring, and interoperation. This paper addresses the collaborative control issues of distributed device networks under open and dynamic environments. The security challenges of authenticity, integrity, confidentiality, and execution safety are considered as primary design constraints. By adopting policy-based network security technologies and XML processing technologies, two new modules of Secure Device Control Gateway and Security Agent are introduced into regular distributed device control networks to provide security and safety enhancing mechanisms. The core architectures, applied mechanisms, and implementation considerations are presented in detail in this paper. Index Terms-Distributed device network, distributed device control, industrial control systems, collaborative control, network security, computer supported cooperative work. Larry Korba is the group leader Group, which focuses on intelligent distributed control and planning and reconfigurable manufacturing systems. His research interests include mobile robots, autonomous guided vehicles, mechatronic systems, vision and sensor systems, graph theoretic modeling of mechanisms, parallel kinematic mechanisms, sensor guided intelligent robotic control, system design, , and manufacturing systems.
doi:10.1109/tii.2005.843826 fatcat:r67s3bkkqzdanjigf6irvnosbi