Treatment with Modified Extracts of the Microalga Planktochlorella nurekis Attenuates the Development of Stress-Induced Senescence in Human Skin Cells

Jagoda Adamczyk-Grochala, Maciej Wnuk, Magdalena Duda, Janusz Zuczek, Anna Lewinska
2020 Nutrients  
More recently, we have proposed a safe non-vector approach to modifying the biochemical profiles of the microalga Planktochlorella nurekis and obtained twelve clones with improved content of lipids and selected pigments and B vitamins and antioxidant activity compared to unaffected cells. In the present study, the biological activity of water and ethanolic extracts of modified clones is investigated in the context of their applications in the cosmetic industry and regenerative medicine.
more » ... e medicine. Extract-mediated effects on cell cycle progression, proliferation, migration, mitogenic response, apoptosis induction, and oxidative and nitrosative stress promotion were analyzed in normal human fibroblasts and keratinocytes in vitro. Microalgal extracts did not promote cell proliferation and were relatively non-cytotoxic when short-term treatment was considered. Long-term stimulation with selected microalgal extracts attenuated the development of oxidative stress-induced senescence in skin cells that, at least in part, was correlated with nitric oxide signaling and increased niacin and biotin levels compared to an unmodified microalgal clone. We postulate that selected microalgal extracts of Planktochlorella nurekis can be considered to be used in skin anti-aging therapy.
doi:10.3390/nu12041005 pmid:32268495 fatcat:52kkrmgtnncz7adgxsqb6zp7ee