Effect of pre-surface treatments on p-Cu2O/Au Schottky junctions

F.S.B. Kafi, K.M.D.C. Jayathilaka, R.P. Wijesundera, W. Siripala
2021 Journal of the National Science Foundation of Sri Lanka  
Corresponding author (palitha@kln.ac.lk; https://orcid.org/0000- 0002-3223-5969) This article is published under the Creative Commons CC-BY-ND License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/4.0/). This license permits use, distribution and reproduction, commercial and non-commercial, provided that the original work is properly cited and is not changed in anyway. Abstract: Cuprous oxide (Cu 2 O) is a suitable semiconducting material for fabrication of low-cost, eco-friendly semiconductor
more » ... y semiconductor junction devices. Besides the parameterization of the growth conditions of Cu 2 O, formation of metal contacts impact the overall performance of these type of devices. The existence of unavoidable dangling bonds and/or dislocated surface atoms could lead to form imperfect contacts with metals, for example in Cu 2 O/Au junction devices. Nevertheless, modification of the Cu 2 O thin film surfaces prior to make contacts with Au has shown the capability to alter the junction properties. Here we report that, the application of surface treatments; annealing and/or sulphidation on specifically the electrodeposited p-Cu 2 O thin film surfaces, where p-Cu 2 O thin films were grown in low cupric ion concentrated acetate bath, has influenced the interfacial properties of particular p-Cu 2 O/Au Schottky junctions compared to the untreated p-Cu 2 O/Au Schottky junction. This has been well-established by the results of SEM and C-V characterizations of p-Cu 2 O/Au Schottky junctions. The subsequent annealing and sulphidation of p-Cu 2 O thin film surfaces have lowered the built-in potential value by 121 mV compared to the untreated Schottky junction. This result reveals the possibility of employing surface treatments on electrodeposited Cu 2 O thin films in fabrication of high efficient Cu 2 O based junction devices.
doi:10.4038/jnsfsr.v49i1.8942 fatcat:hjjfkqkkurho5pbfgnlvq2gqjm