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George M. Eberhart
2019 College & research libraries news  
G e o rg e M . E berhart The A u th o rita tiv e G uide to W e b Search Engines, by S u s a n M aze , D av id Moxley, and Donna J. Smith (1 7 8 p a g e s , S e p te m b e r 1997), summarizes the values and drawbacks o f seven W eb search engines and explains how they work in terms fa miliar to most librarians. The authors provide exam ples o f how to obtain the best re sults in the least amount o f time with each. $49.95. Neal-Schuman Publishers. ISBN 1-5 5 5 7 0 -3 0 7 -0 . A lso b y N e a l-S
more » ... A lso b y N e a l-S c h u m a n is W e b m a s te r, by Lisa Champelli and Howard Rosenbaum (182 pages plus CD-ROM, August 1997), which offers guidance on designing a library W eb site, dealing with intellectual free dom and acceptable use policies, and training. $175.00. ISBN 1-55570-307-0. Blacks in C olonial A m eric a, by O scar Reiss (293 pages, Novem ber 1997), is one o f the few books to focus on slavery and racism in 17thand 18th-century America. Reiss covers the his torical d evelopm ent o f slavery and how it evolved into the concept o f black slavery only; slavery in Africa, the passage by ship to America, and the slave's life in various colonies; African-American freedm en in p eace and war; and opposition to slavery by both blacks and whites. Rich in detail and d ocu m entation. $45.00. McFarland & Company. ISBN 0-7864-0339-X. The Business Phone B ook USA for 1998 (20th ed" O ctober 1997), formerly called the N a tio n a l D irec to ry o f A ddresses a n d Telephone N u m b e rs , has for the first time been issued in two volumes-one an alpha betical white pages, and the second, a yellow pages directory arranged by type o f business or organization. Toll-free numbers, e-mail ad dresses, and W eb site locations are given when known. Other new features include expanded listings for Canadian com panies, a table o f con tents for the subject volume, and such new cat egories as automobile dealers, labor unions, and weekly newspapers. Save yourself numerous 411 telephone charges by consulting these vol umes first. $148.00. Omnigraphics. ISBN 0-7808-0293-4. The C om plete G u id e to P e r f o r m a n c e S t a n d a rd s fo r L ib ra ry P er s o n n e l, b y C a ro l F. G oodson (216 pages, July 1997), may help to prevent the tensions involved in job rev iew s, m erit in cre ase s, promotions, and accusations o f favoritism. Goodson rec om m ends clearly defining jo b responsibilities and du ties so that em ployer and em ployee agree on a set o f consistent standards that can be used to appraise job performance effectively. Sample perform ance standards are provided for different types o f professional and support staff. $49-95. N eal-Schum an P ublishers. ISBN 1-55570-262-7.
doi:10.5860/crln.58.11.813 fatcat:beu3qiqrmfbl3p2ujtvlo5yg6m