Eight Useful Aspergillus Species

Mahya Rahimizadeh, Mehdi Sadravi
Plant Pathology Science   unpublished
Aspergillus species are saprophytic fungi which can live on plant debris in the soil and water and also on some plant products, stored fruits and grains. They can be identified by studying the features of colonies, conidiophores, vesicles, phialids and conidia, on selective culture media. The biocontrol potential of some isolates of A. flavus, A. fumigatus, A. niger, A. piperis, A. repens, A. tamarii, A. terrus and A. tubingensis, against some plant diseases such as cocoa black pod, root galls
more » ... ck pod, root galls and Fusarium root rot of tomato, Alternaria leaf spot, Fusarium dry rot, potato pink and soft rot of tubers has been proven. They also can act as plant growth promoter and aflatoxin reducer agent in seeds and nuts. Key morphological characteristics of these eight species of Aspergillus is described in this paper. Most of these species are reported from Iran, thus identification and application of their efficient isolates can be suggested in plant diseases management as well as the plant growth enhancement programs.