Perception of veterinarians on monitoring diabetic cats with emphasis on the flash glucose monitoring system
[Percepção dos veterinários sobre o monitoramento de gatos diabéticos com ênfase no sistema flash de monitoramento de glicose]

H.J.M. Souza, S.M. Castro, D. Alexander, A.S. Saturiano
2022 Arquivo Brasileiro de Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia  
This study aimed to understand the perception of veterinarians regarding monitoring blood and interstitial glucose levels in cats with diabetes mellitus and/or diabetic ketoacidosis, with emphasis on the flash glucose monitoring system (FGMS) (FreeStyle Libre, Abbott, Brazil). This research consisted of two stages. In all, 516 response forms were obtained, and of these, 480 (93%) were considered valid. In total, 333 (69.4%) veterinarians did not use the FGMS, while 147 (30.6%) did. The cost of
more » ... he FGMS (116, 78%) was the greatest deterrent to acceptability. Veterinarians who use the device consider it indispensable in the hospital monitoring of diabetic ketoacidosis and a facilitator in the accurate monitoring of measurements. In addition, the preferred location for application of the sensor is the cranial lateral wall of the chest and it is quite tolerable. Monitoring a diabetic cat requires commitment from the owner and the veterinary team to ensure feline-friendly management.
doi:10.1590/1678-4162-12684 fatcat:k2thhmmflvajdc4ybzbikmtfgq