1896 Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)  
cution of delinquents) of all the conditions surround¬ ing the milk supply was made; food and drug inspec¬ tion ; tenement house inspection ; a justly tyrannical oversight of all drainage, plumbing, etc. It must not be forgotten, also, that the death rate alone does not represent the expense either in suffer¬ ing or dollars to the community. Dr. Farr estimates that for every death there are on the average two years of illness in a given community. It is need¬ less to emphasize the tremendous
more » ... nificance, to those with open eyes and humanitarian feelings, of the thousands of years of prevented illness and suffer¬ ing, shown in the foregoing figures. There are many lessons to be gleaned from these figures, but there are one or two that we can not omit to notice:
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