Constraint Satisfaction Problems Parameterized Above or Below Tight Bounds: A Survey [article]

G. Gutin, A. Yeo
2011 arXiv   pre-print
We consider constraint satisfaction problems parameterized above or below tight bounds. One example is MaxSat parameterized above m/2: given a CNF formula F with m clauses, decide whether there is a truth assignment that satisfies at least m/2+k clauses, where k is the parameter. Among other problems we deal with are MaxLin2-AA (given a system of linear equations over F_2 in which each equation has a positive integral weight, decide whether there is an assignment to the variables that satisfies
more » ... equations of total weight at least W/2+k, where W is the total weight of all equations), Max-r-Lin2-AA (the same as MaxLin2-AA, but each equation has at most r variables, where r is a constant) and Max-r-Sat-AA (given a CNF formula F with m clauses in which each clause has at most r literals, decide whether there is a truth assignment satisfying at least ∑_i=1^m(1-2^r_i)+k clauses, where k is the parameter, r_i is the number of literals in Clause i, and r is a constant). We also consider Max-r-CSP-AA, a natural generalization of both Max-r-Lin2-AA and Max-r-Sat-AA, order (or, permutation) constraint satisfaction problems of arities 2 and 3 parameterized above the average value and some other problems related to MaxSat. We discuss results, both polynomial kernels and parameterized algorithms, obtained for the problems mainly in the last few years as well as some open questions.
arXiv:1108.4803v1 fatcat:3wxkx7blgjfkzmqtw4jn7qdlqa