Economic benefit analysis of low-level high vacuum compaction method from the perspective of low carbon

Liangrong Yuan, Menglan Song
2019 Journal of Vibroengineering  
In order to discuss the superiorities of High Vacuum Drubbing Means (HVDM) in soft foundation treatment of roads, this paper takes the soft foundation treatment project of Wucheng Road in Wuwei County of Wanjiang City Belt in China as an example. By comparing and analyzing the economic benefit differences between HVDM method and traditional powder injection pile method in soft soil foundation treatment, the following conclusions are drawn: Low-level high-vacuum compaction method soft base
more » ... hod soft base processing method is better than traditional powder-jet pile method in soft foundation treatment. The method can better reduce the consumption of raw materials such as cement and stone, avoid the pollution of the social environment caused by cement production, shorten the construction period by about 50 % and save the direct labor cost. Compared with the traditional powder-sprayed pile method, total cost of the project can be saved by more than 30 % and the construction quality is controllable. The construction process is green and its social and economic benefits are remarkable.
doi:10.21595/jve.2019.20637 fatcat:dy5dvrnofbcozjbnfj3vudwslu