Photonic Crystal Waveguides [chapter]

Photonic Waveguides  
The original results of theoretical and experimental studies and the properties of microwave one-dimensional waveguide photonic crystals have been generalized. Methods for describing the electrodynamic characteristics of photonic crystals and their relationship with the parameters of periodic structures filling the waveguides have been presented. The results of an investigation on the characteristics of microwave waveguide photonic crystals made in the form of dielectric matrices with air
more » ... ions have been presented. The model of effective dielectric permittivity has been proposed for describing the characteristics of the investigated photonic crystals containing layers with a large number of air inclusions. New types of microwave low-dimensional waveguide photonic crystals containing periodically alternating elements that are sources of higher type waves have been described. The possibility of effective control of the amplitude-frequency characteristics of microwave photonic crystals by means of electric and magnetic fields has been analyzed. Examples of new applications of waveguide photonic crystals in the microwave range have been given: the measuring parameters of the materials and semiconductor nanostructures that play the role of the microwave photonic crystals' periodicity defect; the resonators of near-field microwave microscopes; small-sized matched loads for centimeter and millimeter wavelength ranges on the basis of microwave photonic crystals.
doi:10.1002/9780470611142.ch6 fatcat:pwmtzbgtvngpboydrn7q4pna4q