A New Early-Maturing Rice Cultivar with Multi-Diseases Resistant and High Grain Quality 'Sanhomi'

Woon-Chul Shin, Woo-Jae Kim, Hyun-Su Park, Bo-Kyeong Kim, Jeong-Ju Kim, Jeong-Kwon Nam, Jae-Kwon Ko, Ki-Yong Ha, Man-Kee Baek, So-Hyeon Baek, Min-Hee Nam, Do-Yeon Kwak (+4 others)
2014 Korean Journal of Breeding Science  
국립식량과학원 기능성작물부, 5 농촌진흥청 Abstract : 'Sanhomi', a new japonica rice cultivar developed from a cross between Sangmibyeo and F1 plant derived from the cross between Sangju24 and Hwayeongbyeo having bacterial blight and rice stripe virus resistance was developed by the rice breeding team of Sangju Substation, NICS, RDA in 2012. This variety has about 114 days of growth duration from transplanting to harvesting in southern mid-mountainous area of South Korea. It has 70 cm culm length and tolerance to
more » ... th and tolerance to lodging. In reaction to biotic and abiotic stresses, it shows multiple resistance to blast, bacterial blight and rice stripe virus. The milled rice of 'Sanhomi' exhibits translucent and, relatively clear non-glutinous endosperm, and medium short grain. This variety has a higher milled rice recovery (67.3%), better palatability of cooked rice and similar amylose content (19.9%) compared with Odaebyeo. The milled rice yield performance of this variety was about 5.60 MT/ha in local adaptability test for three years. 'Sanhomi' would be adaptable to southern mid-mountainous of South Korea.
doi:10.9787/kjbs.2014.46.4.417 fatcat:6tihk45njrgynex7bgrnljmah4