On the Space Protected by a Lightning-Conductor

William Henry Preece
1881 Scientific American  
4ä96 $O!ENTIFIO AMERICAN SUPPLEMENT, Ne,). , 28it JULY 9, 1881. fürming a S.ort üf ceiling direclly üver it, tü help tü diffuse the illuminatiün. The whüle üf the shed is weil lit; and a large quantity üf light alsü penetrates intü an adj . üining .one üf similaI' dimensiüns and separated by a rüw üf cülumns. ' The light is used ;egularly all thrüugh the night, and has been sü all thrüugh the wint � r. Messrs. Tate �peak . highly üf its efficiency. Tü ascertam the exact Cüst üt the hght, as
more » ... as üf the gas illuminatiün which it replaced, agas-meter was placed tü measure the cünsumptiün pf the gas thl'Ough the jets affected; and alsü the carbün � cünsumed by th . e electric illuminati.on were nüted. A senes üf careful expen ments shüwed that during a winter's nigbt of 14 h.oms' �u" rati.on thc illuminatiün by electricity Cüst ls. 9d. , whlle that by gas was 3s. 6d. , .01' l,)id. per hüur against 3d. per hüur. Tü this must be added the greatly increased i1lumi natiün, füur tü five tim es, given by the electric light, tü the benefit üf the würk; while this last ilIuminant alsü aIlüwe d, during the prücess üf manufacture üf the suga�, the delica; te /. gradatiüns üf tint to be detected; and sü tü aVüId thüse mIS-, takes, sümetimes cüstly ünes, liable tü arise thrüugh the yellüw tinge üf gas illuminatiün. This alüne wüuld add, much tü the above-named ecünümy, arising früm the use üf
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican07091881-4596asupp fatcat:x6upjnemongavo4pqaz2tfvcxe