Estimation of Spread Spectrum Signal Parameters Utilizing Wavelet Transform Analysis

N. Uzunoglu, A. Amditis, G. Katsoulis, N . Leonis
2005 Radioengineering  
This paper investigates the application of wavelet transform (WT) tothe extraction of particular features of direct sequence spreadspectrum signals. The WT is exploited to the point that not only itscapabilities but also its limitations are exposed to achieve thespecific task of identifying spread spectrum signal parameters. Thecapabilities focus on the detection of the chipping sequence, while thelimitations refer primarily to the advent of direct sequence CDMAsignals. In the latter case no
more » ... gress has yet been made todistinguish the different chipping sequences by the WT, whose resultanteffect on the carrier appears as a single-phase change.
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