Borderline Brenner tumor with a concomitant mucinous tumor of the ovary: a case report

Hülya Ayık Aydın, Zeynep Bayramoğlu, Armağan Aydın, Hadice Elif Pestereli, Tayup Şimşek
2017 The European Research Journal  
Brenner tumors (BTs) are rare ovarian tumors which are a part of the epithelial stromal tumor group of ovarian neoplasms. Most of the BTs are benign and usually asymptomatic. BTs stand for the 1.4-2.5% of ovarian tumors. Of the BTs, not more than 2% exhibit characteristics of borderline (or malignant) BTs. Borderline BTs are usually bigger than benign BTs and individuals typically represent with symptoms related with a unilateral ovarian mass. BTs are often related with mucinous cystadenomas or
more » ... seldom cystadenocarcinomas. We present a case of borderline BT associated with a concomitant mucinous ovarian tumor. Eur Res J 2018;4(2):122-125
doi:10.18621/eurj.357653 fatcat:tv6irk6zdjejxj7dgnbfc7nlcm