Binarization of Historical Document Images Using PhaseGT

S Mohanapriya, E Saranya, Asst Professor
2015 International Journal of Innovative Research in Computer Science and Engineering (IJIRCSE)   unpublished
A Phase Based binarization are used to develop for the ancient document images, new fast ground truth approach called the PhaseGT, is proposed. This concept is used for generate the ground truthed Persian Heritage Image Binarization. The PhaseGT is a semi-automatic approach to ground truthing of images of any language , especially designed for historical document images. The main goal of the PhaseGT is to accelerate the ground truthing process and reduce the manual ground truthing effort. It
more » ... thing effort. It uses the phase congruency features to the phase information of an input document image constitute the core of this binarization model, preprocess the input image and to provide a more accurate initial binarization. while in the postprocessing step, specialized adaptive Gaussian and median filters are considered. The PHIBD dataset contains 15 historical document images with their corresponding ground truth binary images. The historical images in the dataset suffer from various types of degradation. It has been also divided into two subsets of training and testing images for those binarization methods that use learning approaches.