Organization of group forms of educational work with juvenile convicts in educational colonies in Russia and Belarus
Организация групповых форм воспитательной работы с несовершеннолетними осужденными в воспитательных колониях в России и Беларус

E. V. Khrabrova, Vologda Institute of Law and Economics of Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia, D. A. Pavlenko, Psychological Support Unit of the Correction Process Organization of the Penal Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus
2019 Institute Bulletin: Crime, Punishment, Correction  
Educational work with convicts is a tool of correcting them, which is enshrined in the penal codes of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus. Currently there are various classifications of this work forms. Individual, group and mass forms of educational work with convicts are enshrined in the Penal Code of RF. The Belarusian legislator does not pursue the goal to regulate all forms and methods of its organization since this activity is of a pedagogical nature. Currently priority is
more » ... rently priority is given to individual forms of educational work with juvenile convicts in correctional institutions. At the same time group forms have enormous potential. The result of a correctly conducted work with a group of pupils may be a team characterized by the unity of the organization and psychological community. The need to use group forms of educational work is also due to the age characteristics of convicts. The article discusses various forms of educational work used in Russia and Belarus, focuses on specific forms such as meetings of collective councils and their sections, the preparation of collective and individual labor commitments, contests and meetings of the best workers and exemplary behavior, rationalizers and inventors, etc.
doi:10.46741/2076-4162-2019-13-2-294-298 fatcat:3lh5nv4dwneuzmzixp3pjrzj3y