Chiral extrapolation of light resonances from one and two-loop unitarized chiral perturbation theory versus lattice results

J. R. Peláez, G. Ríos
2010 Physical Review D  
We study the pion mass dependence of the rho(770) and f_0(600) masses and widths from one and two-loop unitarized Chiral Perturbation Theory. We show the consistency of one-loop calculations with lattice results for the M_rho, f_pi and the isospin 2 scattering length a_20.Then, we develop and apply the modified Inverse Amplitude Method formalism for two-loop ChPT. In contrast to the f_0(600), the rho(770) is rather sensitive to the two-loop ChPT parameters --our main source of systematic
more » ... inty. We thus provide two-loop unitarized fits constrained by lattice information on M_rho, f_pi, by the qqbar leading 1/N_c behavior of the rho and by existing estimates of low energy constants. These fits yield relatively stable predictions up to m_pi\simeq 300-350 MeV for the rho coupling and width as well as for all the f_0(600) parameters. We confirm, to two-loops, the weak m_pi dependence of the rho coupling and the KSRF relation, and the existence of two virtual f_0(600) poles for sufficiently high m_pi. At two loops one of these poles becomes a bound state when m_pi is somewhat larger than 300 MeV.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.82.114002 fatcat:c22xkijd2ndl5kkwyukkgjkyfa