A case of tracheal foreign body in the cervical esophagus

Masaru Ueda, Reiko Kinoshita, Kenji Nobuhara
We experienced the case of a 67-year-old woman who complained of having had dyspnea since one month earlier. She underwent CT in the inter-medicine clinic, which revealed a mass in the trachea. Endoscopy examination revealed a mass in the subglottic region and a very narrow airway. We diagnosed that the cause of dyspnea was the mass in the subglottic region, requiring an emergency tracheotomy first of all. To observe the trachea, we used squint endoscopy in the endoscopic sinus surgery (ESS)
more » ... tem. Granulation accounted for the majority of the trachea. After removing the granulation, a foreign body was found in the trachea. Upon removing the foreign body, it was found to be a fish bone. When the patient s condition had settled down after the operation, we interviewed the patient in detail. About one and a half years ago, she had eaten sea bream and experienced severe pain in the throat. By trying to eat swollen rice balls, the pain disappeared gradually. On the next day, there was no pain, so she did not visit the clinic. Three days after the operation, additional CT films were sent to our hospital, showing the mass suspected of being the foreign body and granulation in the cervical trachea.
doi:10.5106/jjshns.22.75 fatcat:bhcscyv76vbkzovlclt2tfuilq