Black Power Is Black Language. Le lingue del ghetto come pratiche di ®esistenza

Annarita Taronna
Drawing on the debate on African American English, this paper will explore two pivotal aspects of the issue: the necessary tracing back of the origins and the context that gave birth to Black language as a fundamental issue for a specific social reality, and the identification of those peculiarities (phonetic, morpho-syntactic and lexical) not only proving the complexity of its linguistic status and its diversity from standard English, but also representing all its strength. In particular, by
more » ... In particular, by connecting African American Diaspora to more recent trans-Mediterranean routes, the theoretical framework will focus on the creation of new geo-localities and linguistic identities emerged from the multilayered contaminations brought about by global cultural flows. From a linguistic point of view a meaningful example of this process of contact and contamination is the form of Black English used in Italy by some second-generation immigrants as a pidgin adapted to specific communicative purposes that exceed linguistic, national and geographical borders. More specifically, the research will analyze Karima 2G's aesthetics that might help re-construct the linguistic and cultural history of the color line in Italy through her history of second-generation Liberian-Italian using rap and Black English to open a transatlantic vision of the traces left by the African Diaspora.
doi:10.13136/2281-4582/2016.i8.577 fatcat:qb7w7wzol5bbxkhgu7mgqx3eny