Croissance du taillis de châtaignier en France : premiers résultats

1988 Annales des Sciences Forestieres  
Chestnut coppice growth in France : first results Total standing woody biomass is studied on sweet chestnut coppice stands distributed throughout France. In a first step a regression equation was computed to estimate total above-ground biomass of individual trees in relation to their girth at breast height, from 75 trees sampled in Central France. This equation was then applied to different plots distributed throughout the entire French territory. A generalized logistic model was then applied
more » ... these data, to estimate biomass and height growth in relation to age. The equations obtained are : Biomass (t.ha-') = 124 x [Iexp (-0.078 x agc)l' ! °D ominant height (m) 17.9 x [1exp (-0.049 x age)!°-" !'? The mean biomass growth model gives a maximum current annual increment of 5.8 t.ha-'.yr-' at 5 years, and a maximum mean annual increment of 5.3 t.ha '.yr ' at 9 years. The most productive stands show a current increment which can reach 10 t.ha '.yr". The dominant height of a stand was insufficient to explain variations around the mean biomass growth curve. This is due mainly to differences in growth potential between regions.
doi:10.1051/forest:19880307 fatcat:htupjiucm5gylc5xy7ibbbnnu4