Simulation of new charge summing and hit allocation algorithm

Jakub Jirsa, Miroslav Havranek, Jiri Jakovenko
2020 Proceedings of Topical Workshop on Electronics for Particle Physics — PoS(TWEPP2019)   unpublished
Modern VLSI technology allows the development of new class X-ray imaging detectors capableof capturing an image in various energy ranges in one shot. Such spectroscopic imaging detectorshave a high demand for the spatial and energy resolution of individual photons. With decreas-ing size of pixels, the charge cloud generated by the primary photon interaction, and in high-Zmaterials also by the fluorescent photon interaction, is shared across several pixels. That limitsboth spatial and
more » ... tial and spectroscopy resolution. This paper presents a novel charge summing algorithmcalled Winner-Master-Slave and describes the functionality, implementation, and simulation ofthe proposed algorithm in Verilog-AMS.
doi:10.22323/1.370.0007 fatcat:kcabai2bmvfmjaej63of57ptju