Cold Flow Computations for the Diffuser-Combustor Section of an Industrial Gas Turbine

Dadong Zhou, Ting Wang, William R. Ryan
1996 Volume 3: Coal, Biomass and Alternative Fuels; Combustion and Fuels; Oil and Gas Applications; Cycle Innovations   unpublished
In the first part of a multipart project to analyze and optimize the complex three-dimensional diffuser-combustor section of a highly advanced industrial gas turbine under development, a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis has been conducted. The commercial FEA code I-DEAS was used to complete the three-dimensional solid modeling and the structured grid generation. The flow calculation was conducted using the commercial CFI) code PHOENICS. The multiblock method was employed to enhance •
more » ... computational capabilities. The mechanisms of the total pressure losses and possible ways to enhance efficiency by reducing the total pressure losses were examined. Mechanisms that contribute to the nonuniform velocity distribution of flow entering the combustor were also identified. The CFD results were informative and provided insight to the complex flow patterns in the reverse flow dump diffuser, however, the results are qualitative and are useful primarily as guidelines for optimization as opposed to firm design configuration selections.
doi:10.1115/96-gt-513 fatcat:3utrhalr7jcjxancylmmvykqta