One-Stage Multiple Comparisons with the Control for Exponential Median Lifetimes under Heteroscedasticity

Shu-Fei Wu
2020 Mathematics  
When the additional sample for the second stage may not be available, one-stage multiple comparisons for exponential median lifetimes with the control under heteroscedasticity including one-sided and two-sided confidence intervals are proposed in this paper since the median is a more robust measure of central tendency compared to the mean. These intervals can be used to identify treatment populations that are better than the control or worse than the control in terms of median lifetimes in
more » ... ulture, stock market, pharmaceutical industries. Tables of critical values are obtained for practical use. An example of comparing the survival days for four categories of lung cancer in a standard chemotherapeutic agent is given to demonstrate the proposed procedures.
doi:10.3390/math8091405 fatcat:xshpejzaprf6vjx7nfrptobaqy