The twin formation of tugtupite, a contribution

Ole V. Petersen
1978 Mineralogical magazine  
Tugtupite, space group 1, belongs morphologically to the crystal class 2m. The paper describes pseudotrigonal contact triplets recently found as freely developed individuals on two specimens donated to the Geological Museum, Copenhagen. The contact triplets, described as a symmetric twin, have the composition planes, which are also the twin planes, (10) and (01); the pseudo-threefold axis, along which the crystals are pronouncedly elongate, is [111]. The calculated reentrant angles on the two
more » ... des of the pseudotrigonal prism, the protruding angle on the third side, and the 'central misfit', expressed as the geometrical angles, are 178° 41′, 181° 20′, and 2° 39′ respectively. Tetragonal crystals forming pseudotrigonal twins are rare and it is emphasized that the pseudotrigonal habit has become apparent only because: the faces developed on individual I and on individuals II and III are not the same; and the proportion between the lengths of the traces of the faces (01) individual I and (01) individuals II and III in a plane perpendicular to the pseudo-threefold axis and the traces in the same plane of all other faces constituting the pseudo-threefold prism are 2:1.
doi:10.1180/minmag.1978.042.322.13 fatcat:w53vwtlz2fcb5fkc6fsnimd6ei