S-BRANE ACTIONS(Developments of Superstring Theory,YITP Workshop)

2003 Soryushiron Kenkyu Electronics  
In this talka Ipresent several interesting aspects of dynamical tachyon condenser tion. Firstly, I demonstrate how under the rolling tachyon background the physical open string degrees of freedom exhibit Carrollian behavior and cease to propagate. Second, I present effective actions of Spacelike branes (S-branes). It turns out that they are quite usefu1 for describing formation of fundamental strings and lowerdimensional D-branes in dynamical tachyon condensation. a This talk is based on the
more » ... k in collaboration with G, W. Gibbons and P. Yi (hep-thl0209034, JHEP 0209 (2002) 061) and P. M. Ho and J, E. VVang (hep-thl0211090),
doi:10.24532/soken.107.6_f37 fatcat:inn3r4hijnfqtidcwvs3dfrg2q