Theory of ferromagnetic resonance in magnetic trilayers with a tilted spin polarizer

Peng-Bin He, Zai-Dong Li, An-Lian Pan, Qiang Wan, Qing-Lin Zhang, Ri-Xing Wang, Yan-Guo Wang, Wu-Ming Liu, Bing-Suo Zou
2008 Physical Review B  
We present a theoretical investigation of ferromagnetic resonance in magnetic trilayers with tilted anisotropy. We find that the resonant magnetic field, the linewidth, the precessional frequency, and the axis of the magnetization in the free layer are all changed by the spin-polarized dc current in the presence of tilted pinned magnetization. Pumping and dissipation of energy in the magnetic system can be controlled by altering the current and the direction of pinned magnetization. The peak of
more » ... ferromagnetic resonance excited by ac currents is sharpest with pinned magnetization perpendicular to the films, while it is almost flat in the parallel case.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.78.054420 fatcat:3e4dknys4zhptinue327us2b5e