N. V. Bakaeva, I. V. Chernyaeva, L. V. Chaykovskaya
2017 Известия Юго-Западного государственного университета  
One of the fundamental principles of the concept of biosphere compatibility of urban areas and settlements is the principle of satisfying reasonable needs of their inhabitants through urban area functions. Numerical implementation of this principle is in quantitative assessment of urban functions that makes them measurable, that is, knowing needs of people from different social strata taking into account the time spent for their satisfaction, one can assess the availability and implementability
more » ... nd implementability (completeness) of the corresponding urban services. In order to develop criteria to select constituents of urban functions, a connection between needs of an individual included in the Maslow's hierarchy and urban functions through which they can be satisfied, was found. Using the methodology developed by the authors for assessment of the level of implementation of functions of a biosphere-compatible settlement on the basis of statistically selected urban function constituents, a calculation was made for a number of constituent entities of the Russian Federation, whose administrative centers are large cities and cities with population of 1 million and over. Numerical studies established the level of implementation of urban functions on the territory of the Russian Federation; the results obtained were analyzed. The results of the research can serve as a basis for the development of proposals and recommendations for reconstruction of urban areas and renovation of urban environment on the basis of the symbiotic relationship between the biosphere and the city, and human development.
doi:10.21869/2223-1560-2017-21-4-88-100 fatcat:3ptk6ltmxjcyvkokwbhfypyjzq