Inventing the People: Civil Society Participation and the Enhabitation of the EU [unknown]

Laura Cram
Civil Society and Legitimate European Governance   unpublished
The political world of make-believe mingles with the real world in strange ways, for the make-believe world may often mold the real one. In order to be viable, in order to serve its purpose, whatever that purpose may be, a fiction must bear some resemblance to fact. If it strays too far from fact, the willing suspension of disbelief collapses. And conversely it may collapse if it strays too far from the fiction that we want them to resemble. Because fictions are necessary, because we cannot
more » ... cause we cannot live without them, we often take pains to prevent their collapse by moving the facts to fit the fiction, by making our world conform more closely to what we want it to be. We sometimes call it. Quite appropriately, reform or reformation, when the fiction takes command and reshapes reality.' (Morgan, 1989: 14)
doi:10.4337/9781847200198.00020 fatcat:qkaj6zfpe5buzmuvwfkgpxn4ta