Pemikiran Tafsir Djohan efenDi hamam faizin

Jakarta Stai Al-Hikmah
2017 unpublished
This article is a content research on the book "Pesan-pesan al-Qur'an Mencoba Mengerti Intisari Kitab Suci" (The messages of Qur'an: an effort to understand the nutshell of Sacred Book)by Djohan Effendi (2012). It overviews the background and motive of writing this book (Pesan-pesan al-Qur'an/PPQ), Qur'anicexegesis methodology and presentation and also reveals the advantages and shortcomings of PPQ. PPQ is Djohan Effendi's effort to comprehend the messages of Qur'an. PPQ is not aimed at
more » ... interest, so PPQ is free form the established methodology of Qur'anic exegesis.PPQ contains the global interpretation of 114 surahs of Qur'an, appendix on thematics interpretation and poetical rendering of al-Fatihah and Juz Amma. The exegisis by reason is used in PPQ and ijmali(global) andmaudu'i(thematic) are the method of presentation of PPQ. In addition, PPQ has moral-ethics(adabi) and ijtima'i (society/community) by stressing to the substantial and universal values. PPQ is completed with the poems in every closing of interpreting Surah and attached the poetical translation of Juz Amma and Surah al-Fatihah. Regardless of its uniqueness and lacks, PPQ as a part of Indonesia Qur'anic interpretation deserves to be appreciated.