A coevolutionary approach to course of action generation and visualization in multi-sided conflicts

L. Suantak, D. Hillis, J. Schlabach, J.W. Rozenblit, M. Barnes
SMC'03 Conference Proceedings. 2003 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics. Conference Theme - System Security and Assurance (Cat. No.03CH37483)  
The current srate of militav operations includes many srabiliry arid support (SASO), multi-sided conflicts. The research presented in this paper atrernprs to address this complex environment by creating a SASO simrrlation, coevolutionary generation of courses-ofactions (COAs) for each side, and visrialization tools for analysis of rhe resulting COAs. The SASO sirnulorion is significantly differenr from previous systems because ir incorporates non-conventional warfare units such as rerrorisrs
more » ... media. The coevolution algorithm is different because it allows all sides of the conflict to evolve rheir COAs. The visualization tools are imporrant because SASO doctrine is nor as well developed os convenrional warfare doctrine. Therefore, visual analysis and understanding of a system that is not well defined provides insight forfiihrre modeling and verificarion.
doi:10.1109/icsmc.2003.1244701 dblp:conf/smc/SuantakHSRB03 fatcat:w3cddfibxfg4vjiqn6hhuzzitu