Louis Bazy
1918 The Lancet  
FOR four years British Arms have fought on French soil for the cause of Justice and Progress. The cooperation of the Allies, at first exclusively military, has grown in scope, and has extended to realms apparently without the range of the war. An ENTENTE has been replaced by a UNION. And this Union should exist after the war, and should cooperate in all fields of human activity. Our doctors must not remain outside the great rapprookeinent, which should make one the soul of Britain and the soul
more » ... f France. British and French soldiers now make one Army, and this is because they have learned to understand each other. That the British and French doctors should become the exponents of one scientific and moral organisation, it is necessary that they should understand each other. The aim of this Monthly Supplement in THE LANCET is to enable British doctors to understand the theories and the researches of French doctors. We propose to issue, in more or less monthly form, a general review of some big medical subject and an original article dealing with a particular question. We shall obtain these contributions from authors whom we know to be especially qualified by their researches and work to set out ably the results actually achieved, as well as the trend of ideas in France. In this way we aspire to assist our British confreres to a fuller understanding of French medical movements, and we shall be happy to serve them by placing them in relation with those of our workers whose researches interest them specially. If this Supplement leads to mutual interpenetration of the two medical worlds we shall be amply repaid. CH. ACHARD. ---p-----Pp-P CH. FLANDIN. WHAT THE WAR HAS TAUGHT US ABOUT TETANUS.
doi:10.1016/s0140-6736(01)02883-5 fatcat:bqanyzwhijbm3ldgya6gnrhjty