1963 Circulation  
Inc., 1963, 483 pages, illustrated. $17.75. J. H. Stucky. Thev were joined by other outstanding workers in the field of electrophysiology, like A. M. Scher and T. C. West of this eountry, J. Alanis of Mexico and E. E. Carnmeliet of Belgium and by anatomists like J. S. Robb and R. C. Truex of this country, C. E. Challice of Canada, and H. Meyer of Brazil. The Symposium resulted in a comprehensive and up-to-date expose of the recent knowledge of structure and function of the specialized cardiac
more » ... ssues. In 13 papers the authors presented comparative anatomic and electron-microscopic studies as well as electrophysiologic and phariiiacologic observationis bv the mlethod of reeording Circulation, Volume XXVIIl, Novembecr 196'3 by guest on
doi:10.1161/01.cir.28.5.994 fatcat:is43pm6zjfan7hyjkrodpn2s5e