The Nanaimo Free Press [Monday, December 12, 1921] [article]

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icadon, Dec-12-®lr ^ niitec Premier, wa. back In today, after conference, with Uoyd George relnUre to ^Iriih .ettlement term, reached wk. It "Pected today would Immediately .ummon ^member, of bra cabinet. Uoyd It under.itood to hare prepar-•Tto addreaa before the Houm of " _"Bt Wednotday and U 1. fore-rLi that be will make a plea for Jollification of the treaty with Dec. 1*.-Sir Jamrn Cralf. CM" Premier, prealded prer a . of the UUter party today. Xalag hi. supporter, of the
more » ... n with Premier Uoyd . In London. It 1. unofficially Mortad that the proceeding, grow when Sir Jame. Informed the -rre-f that Lloyd George had malnu unyielding attitude toward GERNIlNYFi TOPAYINDEilin Parli, Dec. 12-Germany ha. tall ed to pay 110,000.000 gold mark., due during the flrrt two week, of December, uMer the .chednle of paymaau calling for 2« per cent of her exporU and cerUIn portion, of her cu.tom. duUes. Germany ha. fnformed tSb^^eparatlon. oommlialon the tremendoci increase In the yalne of the mark make. Impoiilble the converelon Into gold mark, of the fund of paper, accumutated to these payment.. The Re not yet Uken any podtlon on Ger many'. failure to meet the bHI., an| ■ lerrer. here My there 1. nothing be done In Tlew of the exchange crlaU in Germany. England and France hare decided to Uke no independent etepa in the reparaUon dtuatlon, a. the result of the of Minister of DevasUted Regions Lonc'henr to London. B^Ur meeting of the W. C. T.D. •SI be held In Bible claw room. Wal-hM Strert Method lirt Church Tuesgg dteraoon at 2:46. It IX ME.MOR1AX. I. loving memory of Jean McMIIdaalliter of Mr. and Mrs. Nell adlin.1. who Pawted away In Na-Btoo. Dec. nth. 1919. To memory ever dear." (iBMrted by her loving father and FORMER MAYOR OF CORK WOUNDED BY. UNKNOWN Cork, d£te«..>. Ef ARRANGEMENT ONLY EFFECTIVE SOLUTION NcbcsbHaJBac AagfeJapaMie Walhlagtoa, Dec. 12.-Speaking br Oreat Britain, Arthnr J. Balfttar '^ptmsed faith that the new arrangeamt eontemlng the Pacific w-ald M .Meat for good IntemaUonal kthmshlpe. Sefarring to the provision abrotutig the Anglo-Japunese Alliance, lb. Btlfour declared he was wi ll »«r. that the alUance had been the turn Of much su.plelon and eontr-*wiy In the United SUtea. He added Iktt aotblng wa. farther from the •bdul Intention of Japan and Great wlttlB than that the alliance "could k«k la the remotest way" the U»of the American Government, nt. Mr. Balfour continued, a altna-!*>• ke hoped "forever aet at rert" W «i«n in the Pacific that led ^y American, to wonder why the WM continued after Oer-»^»iid Rnula had ooUapMd, and Wlud removed much of the canae to th. agreement. It had become Mid the BrlUah apokee-^tk.t the alliance no longer waa yet. he added, it waa not •Jlot two nation, camially to rea compact that had linked f*** logsther for twenty yearr ind to be tl^^mersar* the old' ar rangement Into a mew one embracing all the Aa conceived. Mr. Bmlfenr Mid, th« Anglo-JapaneM Alliance had no more appUcatloa to the United State, than had "» Chile «r Pern." *ThM ^ty." the BrtUoh spnkwan conUnaed. "waa net a treaty that had to berenonaced. It ran aninnead by one of the It had hee]^tn asist-U1 form partiea. After it ence within a few days of twMty years, and had a great fuacUon In two great wan, whea two nation, bare been nnltad in that fiery ordeal, tb;y can't, at the end of It. take oft their hau and politely part aa atnngan who have mat in a railway train lor a few hoara. Somathlng cloMr nnltea them than the word of the treaty. "I ban explataad tlw frame of mind of my Government In ap proaching thia praUanu Tha aotation it one whieh gfraa me a ta:ia-facUon I find.
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