Measurement of Noise and Vibration in Canadian Forces Armoured Vehicles

Ann M. NAKASHIMA, Matthew J. BORLAND, Sharon M. ABEL
2007 Industrial Health  
Noise and whole-body vibration measurements were made in the following Canadian Forces vehicles: LAV III, Bison and M113A2 ADATS (air defence anti-tank system). Measurements were made at different crew positions while the vehicles were driven at different speeds over rough terrain and paved roads. The participants completed a questionnaire at the end of each measurement session on their reactions to the noise and vibration. Noise levels were as high as 115 dBA in the ADATS, 102 dBA in the Bison
more » ... and 96 dBA in the LAV III, exceeding the Canada Labour Code exposure limit of 87 dBA for 8 h 1) . A communications headset was found to be sufficient to reduce the noise exposure to safe levels in most cases. The vector sum vibration magnitudes for the LAV III and Bison were relatively low during highway driving (0.3 m/s 2 for both vehicles) compared to rough terrain (0.71 and 1.36 m/s 2 , respectively). The ADATS vibration increased with driving speed (0.62 m/s 2 at 8 km/h and 1.26 m/s 2 at 32 km/h). The questionnaire responses indicated that half the crewmembers had difficulty communicating in vehicle noise, but were generally unaffected physically by vibration. The latter result may have been due to the relatively short exposure duration.
doi:10.2486/indhealth.45.318 pmid:17485877 fatcat:yxbag6qgbvc75kq6cqyd5ayfcy