Advances in superplasticity and in superplastic materials

Oleg D. Sherby
1989 ISIJ International  
Superplasticity and superplastic materials have gained considerable attention in recent years. The number of publications in these fields is increasing rapidly attesting to the current strong interest in these subjects. It can be stated that the technology of makingcomplexshaped componentsby gas pressure techniques through use of superplastic sheet has come ot age. On the other hand, bulk superplastic forming is still is its infancy Considerable progress has been made in understanding the
more » ... rstanding the processes occurring in fine structure superplasticity and in internal stress superplasticity. Besides the traditional superplastic alloys based on nickel, titanium and zinc, new alloys have been developed which included microduplex stainless steel, aluminum-lithium and aluminum-magnesium alloys, mechanically alloyed aluminum, whisker and particle reinforced metal matrix composites, aluminumbronze and yttria-stabilized zirconia ceramic polycrystals.
doi:10.2355/isijinternational.29.698 fatcat:uwwmclfpdravddbfc36mgkgz7e