Nonlinear mechanical model of the shaft of a roll forming mill and parameter identification

Matthias Lamprecht, Emin Koçbay, Martin Leonhartsberger, Yury Vetyukov, Friedrich Bleicher
2021 The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology  
AbstractRoll forming is a continuous process in which a moving metal sheet passes through numerous pairs of opposing forming rolls. The shafts of the roll forming mill are equipped with these rolls and must be set up and aligned to achieve the required final profile of the sheet. The practically relevant task of predicting the profile geometry of this incremental rolling process with varying characteristics of the metal sheet entering the mill requires an accurate description of the stiffness
more » ... havior of the shaft with rolls, which is the most compliant part of the roll forming mill. In this paper, the measured force-deflection characteristic of the shaft without rolls is compared with predictions of various theoretical models, followed by the adoption of the shear deformable beam model of the shaft with nonlinear elastic supports in the bearings. The coefficients of the cubic stiffness characteristics of the rotational springs as well as the effective length between the supports are identified based on the experimental data for the deflections, measured along the shaft for various loading levels. The theoretical predictions are obtained via the nonlinear finite element model of the shaft. The model thus provided shows high accuracy compared with the measurements. The paper's results serve as a foundation for models to predict the stiffness of shafts with rolls.
doi:10.1007/s00170-020-06412-5 fatcat:ngt7meklybgtndbjykynjlk2rm