BioCreative II Workshop Proceedings

Lynette, Martin, Alfonso
2007 Zenodo  
Proceedings of the Second BioCreative Challenge Evaluation Workshop Index (Start page- Paper title): 7 BioCreative 2. Gene Mention Task 17 Overview of BioCreative II Gene Normalization 29 Evaluating the Detection and Ranking of Protein Interaction relevant Articles: the BioCreative Challenge Interaction Article Sub-task (IAS) 41 Assessment of the Second BioCreative PPI task: Automatic Extraction of Protein-Protein Interactions 55 Annotating molecular interactions in the MINT database 61 IntAct
more » ... Serving the text-mining community with high quality molecular interaction data 69 IASL Systems in the Gene Mention Tagging Task and Protein Interaction Article Sub-task 77 Identifying Gene Mentions by Case-Based Classifi cation 81 Combined Conditional Random Fields and n-Gram Language Models for Gene Mention Recognition 85 Tackling the BioCreative2 Gene Mention task with Conditional Random Fields and Syntactic Parsing 89 Named Entity Recognition with Combinations of Conditional Random Fields 93 Gene Mention Recognition Using Lexicon Match Based Two-Layer Support Vector Machines 97 Using Semi-Supervised Techniques to Detect Gene Mentions 101 BioCreative II Gene Mention Tagging System at IBM Watson 105 Rich Feature Set, Unifi cation of Bidirectional Parsing and Dictionary Filtering for High F-Score Gene Mention Tagging 109 High-Recall Gene Mention Recognition by Unifi cation of Multiple Backward Parsing Models 113 Attribute Analysis in Biomedical Text Classifi cation 119 Penn/UMass/CHOP Biocreative II systems 125 Text Detective: Gene/protein annotation tool by Alma Bioinformatics 131 Peregrine: Lightweight gene name normalization by dictionary lookup 135 Gene Mention and Gene Normalization Based on Machine Learning and Online Resources 141 Me and my friends: gene mention normalization with background knowledge 145 Context-Aware Mapping of Gene Names using Trigrams 149 ProMiner: Recognition of Human Gene and Protei [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4274543 fatcat:3sa3fvgngffjrblxzgswof42tq