A combined approach to RNA secondary structure prediction based on deep learning and minimum free energy model

Xiaoling He, Xiujuan Ou, Hong Yao, Jun Wang, Yi Xiao
2022 Communications in Information and Systems  
The secondary structures of RNAs are the basis of building their tertiary structures and understanding their functions. Many methods of RNA secondary structure prediction have been developed and can be divided into single-sequence and multiple-sequence methods, depending on one sequence or multiple sequences as input. Here we present a method, called 2dRNAx, that combines multiplesequences method with single-sequence method. The results show that this combined method gives significantly higher
more » ... ccuracy than current multiple-sequences methods. Current version of the method only predicts canonical base pairs without pseudoknots, lone pairs and multiplets.
doi:10.4310/cis.2022.v22.n3.a4 fatcat:2k77mqvfjrdurbuvb6ot24umb4