Integration of Qos Aspects in the Cloud Service Research and Selection System

2015 International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications  
Cloud Computing is a business model revolution more than a technological one. It capitalized on various technologies that have proved themselves and reshaped the use of computers by replacing their local use by a centralized one where shared resources are stored and managed by a third-party in a way transparent to end-users. With this new use came new needs and one of them is the need to search through Cloud services and select the ones that meet certain requirements. To address this need, we
more » ... ve developed, in a previous work, the Cloud Service Research and Selection System (CSRSS) which aims to allow Cloud users to search through Cloud services in the database and find the ones that match their requirements. It is based on the Skyline and ELECTRE IS. In this paper, we improve the system by introducing 7 new dimensions related to QoS constraints. Our work's main contribution is conceiving an Agent that uses both the Skyline and an outranking method, called ELECTREIsSkyline, to determine which Cloud services meet better the users' requirements while respecting QoS properties. We programmed and tested this method for a total of 10 dimensions and for 50 000 cloud services. The first results are very promising and show the effectiveness of our approach.
doi:10.14569/ijacsa.2015.060616 fatcat:rd4r227zujdvbits75ezpwbfhu