Factors underlying the use of non-conventional medicine and forgoing biomedical treatment among patients with cancer – Recommendations for doctor-patient communication [post]

Szilvia Zörgő, Samvel Mkhitaryan
2020 unpublished
The use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) is increasing and a considerable number of patients forgo biomedicine, employing these non-conventional modalities as an alternative to orthodox cancer treatment. CAM use and motivations vary according to how and to what ends it is being used. Values, such as a preference for "natural" cures and lay theories of illness causation play a pivotal role in choice of therapy. These, in turn, affect and are affected by the manner in which the
more » ... ent encounters and interprets information. CAM use may signify a point of tension in the doctor-patient relationship, as both parties are frequently reluctant to discuss the issue, albeit non-conventional modalities may pose threats to patient safety and thus warrant open communication. Extensive research in this particular area of medical communication is scarce, even more so concerning patients who forgo biomedical treatment completely. The following contains practical recommendations for communicating with patients at risk of declining conventional cancer treatment.
doi:10.31234/osf.io/6hvjn fatcat:pm5uzcag2zambjdxc6tdxxh4me