Critical Intersections in Education: An OISE/UT Students

Erin Sperling, Jesse Bazzul
2014 Journal Winter   unpublished
Dialogue forms an important tool for two Teacher Education Program Assistants (TEPAs) who are doctoral candidates concerned with negotiating their new roles in teacher education. Using Immanuel Kant's notion of public and private reason as a philosophical approach, the authors attempt to make sense of their experiences of working with teacher candidates and the various expectations of teacher education in a large faculty of education, with more than 800 preservice students. Tensions between
more » ... ensions between critical forms of research and the political realities inherent in teacher education, and the induction of individuals into teacher training cultures, become the structure of a reflective dialogue. Reflective dialogue eases the authors into a better understanding of their current positions in relation to the theoretical spaces of research and the roles and expectations of teacher education.