Discussion of the merits of Noah Webster's orthography, and Lyman Cobb's school books, in the "Society of Teachers and Friends of Education" in the State of New Jersey, in 1844-5

Society Of Teachers And Friends Of Education In New Jersey., Prime, Samuel Irenæus, 1812-1885., Agnew, John Holmes, 1804-1865., Cooke, R. L. (Robert L.), 1809-1877.
At the meeting of The Society of Teachers and Friends of Education in New Jersey, held in Trenton, in June last, Cobb's Series of School Books was adopted by a very large majority, certainly four to one. This excited the displeas ure of the few who were deeply interested in the circulation of Webster's books? and in Sanders' Series of Books, and Town's Spelling Book. Accordingly a pamphlet was issued under the name of a Dissent, signed by the Rev. Dr. Weeks, Teacher of a school in Newark, Rev.
more » ... r. Van Liew, Principal of the Grammar School at New Brunswick, and Mr. Nathan Hedges, Principal of a High School at Newark. The following Answer to that Dissent was prepared by a committee appointed by the Society, at the'meeting in September, at New Brunswick, consisting of the Rev. Prof. J. Holmes Agnew, Editor of the American Biblical Repository and Classical Review, and the American Eclectic Magazine, the Rev. Samuel I. Prime, one of the Editors of the New York Observer, (both residents of the city of New ark,) and Mr. R. L. Cooke, Principal of the Female Seminary in Bloomfield, an excellent scholar, and for many years a distinguished teacher of youth. As great and unwearied efforts have been made by the extensive circulation of that Dissent and other means, to bring Cobb's Series of School Books into disrepute, I consider it my right and duty to set forth some of the measures made use of by the opponents of Cobb's books, as well as to show the fairness of the dissenters and their coadjutors in their noble, disinterested, and patriotic efforts, so <e that the public maybe disabused in reference to this subject." In the month of December, 1843, at the meeting held at New Brunswick, by the combined efforts of the publisher and proprietor of Webster's books, the friends of Town's Spelling Book, and of Charles W. Sanders, the Book Committee reported in favor of Webster's School Dictionary, Town's Spelling Book, and Sanders' Spelling and Reading Books. The Report of the Committee in favor of Sanders' Spelling Book was adopted by a majority of one, Charles W. Sanders and the pub lisher of Webster in New Brunswick voting in the affirmative ! The statement having been made that Town's Spelling Book disagrees with Sanders' Spelling Book in orthography, Town's Spelling Book was withdrawn by the Commit--[See last page but one.}
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