Studies on the Rice Blast Pathogen, Resistance Genes, and Implication for Breeding for Durable Blast Resistance in Colombia [chapter]

F. J. Correa-Victoria, D. Tharreau, C. Martinez, M. Vales, F. Escobar, G. Prado, G. Aricapa
2004 Rice Blast: Interaction with Rice and Control  
Abstratt Rice blast dísease caused by Pyricu[aria grisea, !'he anamorph of Magnaporlhe grisea, is fue main rice production constraint in Latin America. Development of resistant cultivars has been the preferred means of contromng this disease; however, blast resístance is defeated by the pathogcn shortly after cultivar releasc, affecting both leaves and panicies ofthe plant and reducing yields sever~ly, M.yor efforts are being made: al CIAT 10 understand the high pathQgen variation observed.
more » ... ation observed. often reported as the main cause of resis1ance breakdown. We have analYLed Van der Plank.lE (1968) Disease Resistance in Planls.
doi:10.1007/978-0-306-48582-4_26 fatcat:x2i2i7a4rbba3jnsiqo4lmf2jq