Discriminant Analysis of the Coordinated Work Indicators of the Heart and Blood Vessels in Health and Disease

N. N. Karkischenko, D. B. Chaivanov, Y. A. Chudina, A. A. Nikolaev, A. A. Vartanov
2021 Journal Biomed  
A discriminant method was proposed for modeling and quantifying the consistency of regulatory mechanisms in the cardiovascular system (CVS) of apparently healthy volunteers and those suffering from circulatory disorders associated with cervical spine osteochondrosis (OCS) and somatoform autonomic dysfunction (SAD). The congruence of the parameters of ECG intervalometry (DCI) and pulse wave duration (PWD) according to the volunteers' photoplethysmograms (PPG) was established by calculating the
more » ... sparity measure and deviations from the mean values using the coeffi cients of displacement, slope of the approximating straight line, as well as by comparing the reliability and correlation of the trend model with the initial data. We discovered gross violations of congruence in the work of efferent and afferent regulatory CVS mechanisms, mismatch and decrease in comparison with the norm of DCI and PWD, a signifi cant decrease in their approximation in the SAD volunteers. In volunteers with OCS, deviations in DCI and PWD from their mean values are much lower than in those with SAD, being inferior compared to healthy volunteers. Similar to SAD, these patients are inferior to healthy volunteers in terms of the disparity measure.
doi:10.33647/2074-5982-17-2-8-21 fatcat:ddsmvpofinemzfdsrwmfk4jzmu