How value co-creation and co-destruction unfolds: a longitudinal perspective on dialogic engagement in health services interactions

Debbie Isobel Keeling, Kathleen Keeling, Ko de Ruyter, Angus Laing
2020 Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science  
Complex services, such as healthcare, struggle to realize the benefits of value co-creation due to the substantial challenges of managing such services over the long-term. Key to overcoming these challenges to value co-creation is a profound understanding of dialogue (i.e., 'quality of discourse' facilitating shared meaning) during service interactions. Contributing to an emerging literature, we undertake a longitudinal, ethnographic study to assess dialogue between professionals and patients
more » ... rough the lens of dialogic engagement (i.e., iterative mutual learning processes that bring about action through dialogue). We develop and empirically support six dialogic co-creation and co-destruction mechanisms that impact on the resolution of tensions and integration of knowledge resources between service providers and consumers. We reveal the multidimensional and dynamic nature of value created or destroyed through these mechanisms in dialogue over time. Taking healthcare as an exemplar, we offer a research agenda for developing our understanding of DE in complex services.
doi:10.1007/s11747-020-00737-z fatcat:nkgko67i7fgqhimbn7z3ddre5y