Изучение физиологических показателей вейгелы (Weigela ? wagneri L. H. Bailey), характеризующих её устойчивость к стресс-факторам влажных субтропиков России

V.I. Malyarovskaya, O.G. Belous
2016 Horticulture and viticulture  
This article, represents data of basic physiological characteristics that describe the water status of Weigela varieties (Weigela ? wagneri L. H. Bailey), that has cultivated in the conditions of the Black Sea coast of Krasnodar region. It has been established that such physiological biochemical indicators, such as water defi cit, concentration of sap cells and resistance coeffi cient (T2/T1) is closely correlated with the plants sustainability to hydrothermal region adverse conditions.
more » ... rization of a physiological state of the culture in the optimum and stress periods gives an opportunity (within introduction) to select the most resistant Weigela varieties to hydrothermal conditions in the region. On the basis of achieved results Weigela ? wagneri cultivars were separated to different groups according to their resistance to stress factors. 'Gustave Malet', 'Arlequin' and 'Mon Blanc' were called as respectively resistant; 'Eva Rathke' as medium resistant; 'Augusta', 'Kosteriana Variegata'as hardly resistant.
doi:10.18454/vstisp.2016.5.3449 fatcat:xg6xs5trqzeu3dii2zmwt5w5cu