Focusing of long waves with finite crest over constant depth

U. Kanoglu, V. V. Titov, B. Aydin, C. Moore, T. S. Stefanakis, H. Zhou, M. Spillane, C. E. Synolakis
2013 Proceedings of the Royal Society A  
Tsunamis are long waves that evolve substantially, through spatial and temporal spreading from their source region. Here, we introduce a new analytical solution to study the propagation of a finite strip source over constant depth using linear shallow-water wave theory. This solution is not only exact, but also general and allows the use of realistic initial waveforms such as N-waves. We show the existence of focusing points for N-wave-type initial displacements, i.e. points where unexpectedly
more » ... where unexpectedly large wave heights may be observed. We explain the effect of focusing from a strip source analytically, and explore it numerically. We observe focusing points using linear non-dispersive and linear dispersive theories,
doi:10.1098/rspa.2013.0015 fatcat:ygtd5fa45ve4dewpvkget6dkle