A Survey of Document Grounded Dialogue Systems (DGDS) [article]

Longxuan Ma and Wei-Nan Zhang and Mingda Li and Ting Liu
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Dialogue system (DS) attracts great attention from industry and academia because of its wide application prospects. Researchers usually divide the DS according to the function. However, many conversations require the DS to switch between different functions. For example, movie discussion can change from chit-chat to QA, the conversational recommendation can transform from chit-chat to recommendation, etc. Therefore, classification according to functions may not be enough to help us appreciate
more » ... e current development trend. We classify the DS based on background knowledge. Specifically, study the latest DS based on the unstructured document(s). We define Document Grounded Dialogue System (DGDS) as the DS that the dialogues are centering on the given document(s). The DGDS can be used in scenarios such as talking over merchandise against product Manual, commenting on news reports, etc. We believe that extracting unstructured document(s) information is the future trend of the DS because a great amount of human knowledge lies in these document(s). The research of the DGDS not only possesses a broad application prospect but also facilitates AI to better understand human knowledge and natural language. We analyze the classification, architecture, datasets, models, and future development trends of the DGDS, hoping to help researchers in this field.
arXiv:2004.13818v1 fatcat:euhtfpjccvestgfeimbmpc7fma