Fragmentation of relativistic light nuclei: longitudinal and transverse momentum distributions. [0. 93 GeV/c/nucleon, 0. 5 to 11. 5, cross sections, limiting fragmentation, nuclear structure, production mechanism] [report]

L.M. Jr. Anderson
1977 unpublished
We have measured the production of charged nuclear fragments in collisions of 0.93 GeV/c/nucleon, 1.7S GeV/c/nucleon, and 2.88 GeV/c/nucleon alpha particles on targets of carbon, copper, lead, and CH2, using a double focusing spectrometer. We present single particle inclusive cross sections for the production of protons, deuterons, tritons, 3 He, and 4 He at momenta from 0.5 to 11.5 GeV/c and angles from 0° to 12°. We ciscuss the relevance of the concept of limiting fragmentation to our data
more » ... tion to our data and point out possible uses of the data to study nuclear structure and particle production mechanisms. DISTRIBUTION OF THIS DOCUMENT IS UNUMITEfl ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The scale of this experiment was such that it is only through some extraordinary efforts by some extraordinary people that I have been able to survive (and, amazingly, even enjoy) the whole thing. So my greatest pleasure in writing this thesis is this opportunity to thank those people who have guided my education, stimulated my interest and curiosity with their questions, helped me with their physical and mental labor, and warmed and cheered me with their support and friendship. have through their leadership and example made the Segre-Chamberlain Group a challenging and friendly place in which to work and learn. Owen's experience, intuition, and careful thought continue to amaze me and have guided me through many of the crucial turns in this experiment. Herb inspired, encouraged, criticized, and drove me to and through this venture, and his energy will always be an example to me. Gil, with considerable speed and dexterity, put the on-line analysis program together, and his helpful suggestions and stimulating conversations will long be remembered. Sven Nissen-Meyer was my right hand throughout most of this project. Without his ideas, hard work, friendship, and support it would have been impossible, and without his persistent but innocent questions, the left hand often wouldn't have known what it was doing. Lee Schroeder provided much of the original stimulus for this experiment, and his continued interest and support and his successful infiltration of the Bevalac scheduling staff were invaluable. Shoji Nagamiya contributed very generously h^s effort and talent in measuring, parameterizing and trying ii to control the too many magnets in this experiment. David Nygren did a fine job of designing and putting together the target system. lent their able hands to the design, construction, and running of the apparatus. Thanks also go to Mark Coles for bringing the hot chocolate. Ray Fuzesy taught me all I know about machinery, built the wire chambers and, in spite of our best efforts, tried to keep them clean, and warned me of more road hazards than 1 can remember. I shall be forever grateful to Jeff Gallup who worked under tremendous pressure to build a very fast and flexible data acquisition system. Jeanne Miller typed this thesis with wondrous speed and cheer, and the sound of her delightful laughter ringing in the hallway is as essential here as are the birds in the forest. Barbara Ockel--what can I say? She tended a hun dred terrible tapes, launched a thousand lovely plots and brought countless smiles that carried me through my darkest hours and brightened my brightest days. I would also like to thank Hermann Grunder and the many fine people at the Bevalac, George Constantian and the folks at the equipment pool, Jim Harvill and the computer support staff, and Frank Porter, the Ergon man, for their generous help. I feel great love and gratitude toward my parents for their under standing, care, and support over these long years. I thank my roommates and friends for their much-needed friendship and their tolerance of my iii absence, and I thank all those with whom I have talked about physics for their company in being as awed and mystified by Nature as I am.
doi:10.2172/5335548 fatcat:jryuv2ol3zcavlncnn3ry55vdy