P-05 Effect of temperature and atmosphere gas composition on ash melting behavior during Erianthus gasification
P-05 エリアンサス・ガス化における灰溶融特性の評価

Kakeru KUROSAWA, Michio SATO, Kenji KOIDO
Proceedings of the Conference on Biomass Science  
Woody biomass fuel demand for domestic power and heat production has been increasing. For a stable bioresource supply, herbaceous perennial energy-crop such as Erianthus arundinaceus (Erianthus) is a promising option. Erianthus (JES1) grew about 14 t/ha in Nasu-shiobara, Japan and stand-dead, leading to small drying cost. However, clinker formed by ash or char melting during gasification could decrease in operating time, leading to a worsening of profitability. In this study, the fusion
more » ... ristics of Erianthus ash and char were investigated. First, the TG and DTA curves of Erinathus Ash were obtained using TG-DTA, resulting that the TG curve decreased by approximately 10% in 800-1000°C and decreased by approximately 10% in 1100-1300°C. The DTA curve showed negative peaks at about 700, 900, and 1200°C. In the
doi:10.20550/jiebiomassronbun.16.0_71 fatcat:ewr7ge7dvrd5hilhvr4cni4gn4